[D&D 5e] [PAID] [$15] [LGTBQ+] [Beginner Friendly] Curse of Strahd

Curse of Strahd

:crossed_swords: D&D 5e
:calendar: Thursdays at 9 PM EST (East Coast/New York)
We will be playing once a week. First game date will be added once we have at least 4 players and are ready to start!

:scroll: Curse of Strahd is one of the most popular adventures for D&D…and one of my personal favorites as well! We will be entering into the land of Barovia and facing off against one of the most iconic Vampire Villians in the Forgotten Realms and beyond!

This module has something in it for everyone. A bit of a hex crawler with plenty of locations and fanciful characters to get your role play one with…as well as a challenging encounters that will test your character’s mettle on and off the battlefield!

:memo: Aditional Details:

  • This game is open to anyone from any country and any timezone.
  • This game is both Beginner and LGTBQ+ friendly!
  • VC as well as a game coordination on my Discord Server
  • We play in Foundry.
  • I have a D&D Beyond Account and Character’s will be built there
  • Everyone needs a good mike and a good internet connection
  • I am avaiilable in chat nearly 24/7 for assistance in Character Creation (possible VC character creation session)
  • First session is free, $15 per session after that. Payable online via my Paypal account (Paypal is not needed to pay)

:game_die: About Me and My Games

My name is David , but I go by Dr. Pepper DM online! I’ve been playing D&D since 3.5. I run games in D&D, Pathfinder professionally. I always run the latest version of Foundry and all the Modules. I work hard to make the games run as smoothly as possible. I utilize music in my games. I use both theater of the mind and maps whenever possible. All my players will have access to my books on D&D Beyond for character creation as well as reference while we play!