[D&D 5e] [Eberron: Rime of the Frostmaiden] [Saturdays 6 PM GMT/2 PM EST] [Foundry VTT]

Eberron: Rime of the Frostmaiden
The icy grip of winter has descended upon the Ten Towns in the frontier of the Icewhite Island. The skies have grown dark, and snow and ice cover every surface. Auril, a powerful elemental force, who has taken control of the weather and plunged the frontier into an eternal winter. As the inhabitants struggle to survive in the frigid conditions, a group of adventurers must brave the dangers of this untamed land to uncover the secrets that lie under the ice before it’s too late. Will they succeed, or will the winter rule eternal?
Campaign: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a modern classic that incorporates survival, wonder, horror, heroic adventure and boundless opportunity. Heavily rewritten to be longer and more consistent internally and with the new setting, this campaign will take you to level 15 - or beyond, depending on player choices and agenda.
Setting: Icewhite Island, Eberron. Right before the start of the Last War it hosted a number of small colonies in a gold rush for untouched bounty of dragonshards, ore and rare magical materials - but war stagnated the expansion, as nations and dragonmarked houses turned their attentions inward. With the war over and interest to the Ten Towns finally renewed, a new threat now looms over the horizon and the players will be instrumental in the coming conflict for hearts, minds and resources of the this frozen frontier.
Cost: $15/player per session via PayPal. Session 0 will be free.
Player slots open: 3 of 5.
System: DnD 5e.
Schedule: Weekly Saturdays 6 PM GMT/2 PM EST, 4 hour sessions.
GM: I have 10 years of TTRPG experience as a GM. I prefer sandbox campaigns that focus on roleplaying, acting, and character development. I always tailor my campaigns to player preference and character’s interests. My job is to immerse you into the setting, hopefully make you care about the characters and the world around them - and to make it all fun for everyone involved.