[D&D 5e] Curse of Strahd, Missing 2/5 players

:crossed_swords: What game system:

:calendar: When do you play (including time zone):
We play Monday afternoons starting at 8 PM EST [GMT -5]
We’ll start playing in 2 weeks on

:scroll: Brief description of the game/setting/premise:
We will be playing Curse of Strahd :

In the lands of Barovia, an evil lurks. Will you be able to escape your fates?

:memo:Additional details:
This LFG is not actually real, I’ve got too much to do to be playing right now! But this is a good template on how you can set up your LFG post.

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Are you still looking for a player? I’m a player!

Clearly you didn’t read the Additional details part :stuck_out_tongue:
My actual LFG is here but please do read the listing before responding :