Cypher System game, looking for a few extra players (Magic! Danger! and more?)

1. Game Name Freeborn
2. Paid/Free Free
3. Platform, Voice/Text Discord Voice/Text (<#879547551529979914>) & FoundryVTT on Forge (contact on Discord <@Fashtas#5092>)
4. System & Setting Cypher System
5. Available Space 2 spots
6. Time, Timezone, & Day 7:30PM, gmt+10, Wednesday 2021-09-15T09:30:00Z
7. Rules
Cypher system basic rules, initial theme is Tribal so roles and skills to be drawn from that area. However as the world is revealed who KNOWS what else the players will have access to!
8. Synopsis
This is the only world you have known, spear and tooth, cold, wet winters in drafty huts and hot summers on the shores of a deadly sea.

Does this world hold magic? Certainly! Your local shaman, healing mortal wounds and turning the minds of others is proof of that. Are there gods? Obviously! Temples, older than the oldest of the clan raised to unknown others is evidence enough.

Though you have always felt there is more to this world, beyond the huts of your village, beyond the plains, beyond even the place of the fishers.

But there is also hunger to be found here, and tomorrow you go on your first hunting party to bring down one of the planes Leviathans to help tide the stomachs of the tribe over the coming winter.

Teaser screen shots: Freeborn VTT - Introduction - Album on Imgur

We will be using the Cypher system ruleset, which has some very simple rules and should be new player friendly (new players ARE welcome)

Looking for a couple of replacements, PLEASE check the timeslots out carefully. Contact me on Discord if you have any questions or unsure when we will be playing.

For more information please contact me on Discord <@Fashtas#5092>
(Edit: whoops forgot to mention we are on Forge!)

Both slots are filled for the moment for trial games, thanks for all the interest!