Create new actor/Group (How to edit)?

I discoverd the “Group” option in the Create Actor tab, but the only thing I can edit on creation is the name. Where can I find a tutorial on how these Group actors are created/edited?
If there isn’t one, how can I edit them?

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In dnd5e, group actors can be used as sort of container for other characters. This is useful for representing the location of a group on an overland map, for example.


After creating the new group actor, it will appear in your actor list. Open it from there to edit it. You can rename it or give it an image. You can also drag your party into the Members tab to get a nice overview of your group, and use the Inventory tab to organize party loot.

It’s also a good idea to give your party members ownership or observer permission of the group actor, depending on what you’d like them to be able to do with it, so that they can manage it.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! For some reason I didn’t think to drag a character into the group,