Create Adventure file path

This tutorial video ( explains how to create an adventure in order to publish it.
So that others can use the complete adventure, it is necessary to save all assets in a specific module folder of this adventure. How can I access this folder? It seems that it is not in my Assets Library.

Or could anyone please lead me throught the specifics of the Forge for creating such an adventure.

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Please check out which should help you out!

If you are comfortable with having the assets pointing to your own Assets Library, the process is quite simple. However for distributing a package with the assets included as part of the package, you may want to build the adventure on your local machine following all the steps from the Content Packaging Guide | Foundry Virtual Tabletop since you will need to package the assets with the module files, which is not possible on Forge directly due to the Assets Library and user data separation.

Hi @phi, thanks for the answer!
That is what I was afraid of, having to do the process on my local install and before that syncing my data with the Forge. I was hoping I could forgo these extra steps and complete the whole process via the Forge.

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Ah, you can do it all on Forge and it’ll work as long as the assets are hosted in your Assets Library. It works well for sharing a package with friends on the fly and for your own backups, but not recommended if you intend to distribute it

I understand, but I want to share the adventure more publicly without using the links to the Forge.