Converting from .89 to V9 any got a good list for modules for pf2e modules?

im up

here be a list of mods ive used for .89

i know the monk ones did not work sadly since they are the best ones in my opinion

Active Modules:

Tidy UI - Game Settings v;

Inactive Modules:

1001 Fish v;
Abomination Vaults maps remake v;
Advanced Macros v;
Adventure Music v;
Agents of Edgewatch maps remake v;
Angela Maps Free Sampler v;
Auto Colorize Folder v;
Autocomplete Whisper v;
Baileywiki Maps Pack v;
Baileywiki Ship Fortress by Crosshead v;
Bar Brawl v;
Bean Dice v;
Better Roll Tables v;
Better Roofs v;
Big Map Collection 0 - Sampler v;
Blood ‘n Guts v;
Boy King of Idaho Music Pack v;
Break Time v;
Broderick’s Compendium: Plants and Fungi Across the Realm v;
Butler UX Suite v;
Caeora’s Maps, Tokens, and Assets v;
Changelogs & Conflicts v;
Combat Ready! v;
Compendium Folders v;
Condition Automation v;
Coriolis NPC Generator v;
CoS - FREE Death House v;
Cze and Peku’s Sample Pack v;
Day Night Cycle v;
D&D Audio Bundle - Hammer Home v;
Dedupe This! v;
Deprecated Modules v;
DF Architect v;
DF Curvy Walls v;
DF Quality of Life v;
DFreds Droppables v;
Dice So Nice! v;
Dice Tray v;
dlopen v;
Domille’s Wondrous Works - Battlemap Collection v;
Dragonfire Maps v;
Drag Ruler v;
Drehatlas’ Maps v;
Drehatlas’ Taverns and Shebeens v;
Dr. Mapzo free maps (unofficial) v;
Dungeon Draw v;
Dungeon Scrawl Importer v;
Easy Exports v;
Easy Target v;
EEEG-Importer v;
Elven Tower Free Maps v;
Endless Dungeon Maps Mega Pack 1 | The Goblin Explorer v;
Enhanced Terrain Layer v;
Export Sheet to PDF v;
Extinction Curse maps remake v;
Fall of Plaguestone maps remake v;
Fantasy Plants Compendium v;
FatBaby’s Compendium Library v;
Filepicker Improvements v;
Forien’s Quest Log v;
Forien’s Unidentified Items v;
Foundry Community Tables v;
FXMaster v;
Game Audio Bundle 1 v;
Game Audio Bundle 2 v;
Game Audio Bundle 3 v;
Game Audio Bundle 4 v; v;
Give item to another player v;
Graham Plowman’s Mysterious Music Pack v;
Grid Scale Menu v;
Health Estimate v;
Hidden Tables v;
Illandril’s Hotbar Uses v;
Illandril’s Token HUD scaler v;
Initiative Double Click v;
Item Delete Check v;
Item to Chat v;
Ivan Duch’s Music Packs v;
Kandashi’s Bag of Hoarding v;
Keybind Lib v;
Less Fog v;
Let Me Roll That For You! v;
Letter Tokens v;
Levels v;
lib - Color Settings v;
Lib: Document Sheet Registrar v;
Library: Chat Commands v;
Library: DF Hotkeys v;
Library - Find the Path v;
Library: Scene Packer v;
libWrapper v0;
Limithron’s Atlantis Temple v;
Loot Sheet NPC PF2e v;
Lordu’s Custom Dice for Dice So Nice v;
Malevolence Reimagined Maps by Narchy v;
Manny’s Languages v;
Math.js vvtt2;
McRoMusic Sampler v;
Meditating Munky - Free Dungeons and Forests v;
Meditating Munky - Sewer Thieves v;
Michael Ghelfi Studios Audio Pack v;
MikWewa Free Maps v;
MikWewa’s Abandoned Mine v;
MikWewa’s BBEG Room v;
MikWewa’s Cascade Pools v;
MikWewa’s City Harbour v;
MikWewa’s City Sewers v;
MikWewa’s City Streets v;
MikWewa’s Dungeon Crypt v;
MikWewa’s Forest Campsite v;
MikWewa’s Forest Road v;
MikWewa’s Galleon v;
MikWewa’s Japanese Estate v;
MikWewa’s Merchant Street v;
MikWewa’s Necromancer’s Lair v;
MikWewa’s Neighborhood v;
MikWewa’s Noble House v;
MikWewa’s River Bridge v;
MikWewa’s Town Square v;
MikWewa’s Vampire Mansion v;
MikWewa’s Village v;
Milby’s Maps Free v;
Milby’s Maps Public Module v;
MiWwewa’s Free Maps Bundle v;
Monk’s Active Tile Triggers v;
Monk’s Enhanced Journal v;
Monk’s Hotbar Expansion v;
Monk’s Little Details v;
Monk’s Scene Navigation v;
Monk’s TokenBar v;
Monk’s Wall Enhancement v;
Moonlight Maps v;
Moonlight Maps - Ancient Temple v;
Moonlight Maps - City Docks v;
Moonlight Maps - Dungeon Cult v;
Moonlight Maps - Forest Road v;
Moonlight Maps - Forest Switch Maps v;
Moonlight Maps - Temple Heart v;
Multilevel Tokens v;
Music d20 Sampler v;
Nice More Dice v;
Night of the Gray Death Maps Remake v;
Ominstru Manor v;
Ostenwold Starter Town by Tom Cartos v;
Pathbuilder 2e Import v;
Pathfinder 2e Action Macros v;
Pathfinder 2e Bardic Inspiration v;
Pathfinder 2e Quick Rolls v;
Pathfinder 2e Reach Templates v;
PDFoundry v;
PDF to Foundry Importer v;
Perfect Vision v;
PF2e Ability Score Manager v;
PF2e Animal Companion Compendia v;
PF2e a shopping experience v;
PF2e Character Sheet Skill Actions v;
PF2E Drag Ruler Integration v;
PF2e Expansion Pack v;
PF2E Exploration Effects v;
PF2E F is for Flat-footed v;
PF2e GM Screen v;
PF2e Loot Generator v;
Pf2E Modifiers Matter v;
PF2E PDFoundry Support v;
PF2E Persistent Damage v;
PF2e Rule Element Generator v;
PF2E Toolbox v;
PF2e Tweaks by Ustin v;
PF2e Wayfinder v;
PF2E Workbench v;
PFS Consumables Compendia v;
Pin Fixer v;
Pings v0.8.6;
Polyglot v;
PopOut! v;
Quick Encounters v;
Quick Module Enable v;
Random Everything Generator v;
Rangefinder v;
Reward Experience v;
Rise of the Runelords Maps by Narchy v;
Rolltable from sidebar v;
Settings Extender v;
Show Notes v;
Sidebar Context v;
Simple Calendar v;
Simplefog - Manual Fog of War v;
Simple Name Generator v;
Smart Doors v;
socketlib v;
SortableJS vfvtt1;
Spellarena Battlemap Collection v;
Speller - An integrated spell checker vbeta;
Spells, Items, and Features Toolkit v;
Spell Template Manager v;
Split Journal v;
Stairways (Teleporter) v;
Status Icon Counters v;
Stochastic, Fantastic! - Random Encounter Generator v;
Tabletop Music Bazaar - Kingdoms & Conquerors v;
Tabletop RPG Music v;
TacticalMap Battlemaps v;
Target Lock v;
The Endless Dungeon | Issue #1 v;
The Endless Dungeon | Issue #2 v;
The Endless Dungeon | Issue #3 v;
The Endless Dungeon | Issue #4 v;
The Forge: More Awesomeness v;
The Furnace v;
The MAD Cartographer | Classic Dungeons | Battlemap Pack v;
The MAD Cartographer | Forest Wilderness | Battlemap Pack v;
The MAD Cartographer | Free Battlemap Pack v;
The MAD Cartographer | Pick N Mix 2 | Battlemap Pack v;
The MAD Cartographer | Swamps | Battlemap Pack v;
The MAD Cartographer - Temple of Arinael v;
The Mad Cartographer - The Rotten Temple v;
The MAD Cartographer | Urban Exteriors | Battlemap Pack v;
The Reclusive Cartographer’s Free Maps v;
T is for Target v;
Toggle Snap to Grid v;
Token Action HUD v;
Token Attacher v;
Tokenizer v;
Token Mold v;
Token Variant Art v;
Tom Cartos – Adventurers’ Guildhall v;
Tom Cartos – Bandit Hideout v;
Tom Cartos – City Sewers v;
Tom Cartos – Into the Wilds: Dungeons 01 and 02 v;
Tom Cartos – Into the Wilds - Forest v;
Tom Cartos – Into the Wilds Urban v;
Tom Cartos – Mages College v;
Tom Cartos – Merritts Keep v;
Tom Cartos – Pub Crawl v;
Torch v;
Trigger Happy v;
Troubles in Otari maps remake v;
Universal Battlemap Importer v;
Unofficial Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator Import v;
Update Token Image v;
Vehicles and Mechanisms v;
Verloren Village v;
VuePort: Let the Light in! v;
Wall Height v;
Weather Control v;
Wiki to journal importer v;
XP Calculator v;
Za’hi | Cartography - Free Maps v;

I dont play PF2e, so I cant suggest specific modules for that, but DONT install keybind in V9. It will lock your world and is no longer needed.
Blood n Guts is no longer supported - use splatter instead.
Make sure your system is updated and update all of your modules after going to V9.

I would add them slowly (you have a big list there).

thank you for you suggestion

OK found out what I did wrong and sorry for the inconvenience. Got it to version 9 with most of m modules working.

FYI – Here’s mine, you can choose if you like any/all of them.

Active Modules

Automated Animations v2.5.8
Cautious Gamemaster’s Pack v0.7.0
CodeMirror v5.58.3-fvtt4
Compendium Folders v2.4.3
DFreds Droppables v2.0.0 Bugs URL
DF Settings Clarity v3.2.1 Bugs URL
Dice So Nice! v4.5.0 Bugs URL
Dice Tray v1.5.1
Disable Mouse Wheel Control for Sliders v1.2.4
Drag Ruler v1.12.6 Bugs URL
Dungeon Draw v0.20.0
Enhanced Terrain Layer v1.0.39 Bugs URL
Entice with Dice so Nice v0.0.16
Force Client Controls v1.0.3 Bugs URL
Force Client Settings v2.0.5 Bugs URL
FXMaster v2.4.0 Bugs URL
Handyfon’s Dice Addiction v1.1.0
Health Estimate v27.00 Bugs URL
Herolab Online PF2e Import Tool v0.8.4 Bugs URL
Hide GM Rolls v0.11.1 Bugs URL
JB2A - Jules and Ben’s Animated Assets - Free Content v0.3.9
libWrapper v1.12.4.0 Bugs URL
Lordu’s Custom Dice for Dice So Nice v0.33
Math.js v7.5.1-fvtt2
Module Management+ v1.1.11 Bugs URL
Monk’s Active Tile Triggers v1.0.67 Bugs URL
Monk’s Little Details v1.0.47 Bugs URL
Nice More Dice v1.1.0
PDFoundry v0.9.5
PDF to Foundry Importer v3.2.0
Perfect Vision v3.7.22 Bugs URL
Permission Viewer v0.9.3 Bugs URL
PF2e Companion Compendia v5.0.9
PF2E Drag Ruler Integration v0.6.1
PF2e GM Screen v1.1.3
pF2E Keybind Menagerie v3.4.3
Pf2E Modifiers Matter v1.4.0 Bugs URL
pf2e Persistent Damage v0.9.2
PF2e Workbench v2.39.0 Bugs URL
Ping Logger v1.2.15 Bugs URL
Pings v1.3.0
Polyglot v1.7.38 Bugs URL
PopOut! v2.8 Bugs URL
Push Token Back - Reveal Tokens Buried Behind Each Other v1.1.0
Quick Insert - Search Widget v2.6.1 Bugs URL
Quick Module Enable v1.3.4 Bugs URL
Ready Set Go! - A Ready Check Module v1.2.3 Bugs URL
Sequencer v2.0.16 Bugs URL
Settings Extender v1.2.0
Smart Target v0.8.5 Bugs URL
socketlib v1.0.10 Bugs URL
SortableJS v1.14.0-fvtt1
SoundFx Library v1.0.1
Terrain Ruler v1.6.0 Bugs URL
Token Action HUD v2.2.6
Token Auras v1.16
Tokenizer v3.6.4
Token Magic FX v0.5.4
Token Stamp 2 for Foundry VTT - v1.2.1 Bugs URL
Token Tooltip Alt v3.1.2
X-Card Rpg v1.0.1 Bugs URL
Zoom/Pan Options v1.7.0 Bugs URL

The monk’s modules work fine, I’ve been using them with no issues in .9x series

PF2e Loot Generator a bit buggy. Know any good replacements in or out of foundry?