Contest: Send us your best Foundry screenshots and submissions for new banner and background

Hello everyone!

My friend @zlatan (@zgrimshell on Discord) has volunteered to help me with improving the website content, and we want to connect more with our wonderful community. As part of an ongoing effort to make The Forge the best possible tool for your Foundry experience, we are working on improving the web presence to make it a breeze for people who want to enter the realms of stories, unforgettable experiences and joy of playing with your friends.

Part of that improvement is having an image or even a GIF on our landing page that would show wonderfully crafted maps and gameplay, hopefully giving newcomers the A-Ha! moment! As the proverb says “a picture is worth a thousand words” - we are inviting you to share your in-game screenshots or crafted maps you would proudly present to the world and friends. Send your submissions on the Discord server, post them here, or if you prefer email, send it to and goblins will deliver them to us.

We will pick those with the highest initiative so cast your best work! :slight_smile:

And to make things more interesting, I am making this a contest open to everyone . I will pick three winners from all submissions who will receive a full year of Game Master Tier subscription to The Forge.

There are three categories (one winner per category), one for your game screenshots, one for helping us find a new background image for the website, and one for a new default game banner.

  • Game screenshots . I want to show a few screenshots of people playing Foundry and having fun, maybe make that into a GIF, or a mosaic of screenshots, I’m not sure yet. All images are welcome, of all systems with any module/customization, with or without Audio/Video, playing your own homebrew games or official adventures, in combat or in theatre mode, or showing your note taking skills with a journal open. We’re looking to show the diversity of gameplay and of Foundry’s interface, so the more unique it is, the better. The chosen images will be made available on the website, so if you or your player’s faces are visible (with Video conferencing enabled), make sure you get permission from everyone before sending the image. Multiple screenshots can be accepted and incorporated into the result, but only the best of the best will be chosen as contest winner.
  • Background image . The Forge’s background image is really not that great. It was chosen from the community wiki as a placeholder image back in August when I started designing the website, but then it stayed. I really want a new background image that is beautiful, fits well with the rest of the website design (in dark and light themes) and is attractive to RPG gamers. Send your own original work only. You will need to give us a non-exclusive perpetual license to use the image.
  • Game banner . The game banner that is set by default is the only image I had on hand which I actually owned the copyright to, and it was a picture I took myself of my own table two years ago… while it’s a beautiful setup, it’s really quite an ugly default banner for people’s games. Click here to see what it currently looks like. We want to see something that says “we play tabletop RPG games” without being specific to a single system or adventure, and would serve well as a default game banner for people’s games. We may select more than one for use on the website, but only one will be chosen as contest winner. Send your own original work only. You will need to give us a non-exclusive perpetual license to use the image.

Contest ends on May 21st at noon (12:00 PM EST), just in time to choose the winners, finalize the website and be ready for the release! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


I’m setting up a circus interlude for my players using the maps from Exctinction Curse book 2, and the assets from a kickstarter I backed a while ago (the trees on the edge)
I love the wall tool, and I cheated and extended my map a bit on the right and used trees and wall tool to mask it and other than grid I’m happy with the result ! This troupe is travelling and hiding a full size Hydra in there!


My first game with FoundryVTT was the Secrets of Cats, a Fate RPG game. I’m happy with how the landing page turned out.


So, we had a lot of fun playing around in Forge. Doesn’t seem like anyone else posted with “people”, don’t know if that is wanted, but I had the chance to take some with my stream team :stuck_out_tongue: We’re fools who love to dress up and have fun.




4 (It was the first one, so we had fun to let stuff out)

If you want some fun, we had a lot of takes. we had a lot of fun at least, here is a bunch that was not “appropriate”. Probably have a bunch more, but you don’t have to go through all of those :wink:


Other than that, our streams and youtube videos are free to use for Forge and Foundry.
Lots of love <3

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So last night I ran my custom Escape Room, that I designed, with a fully functional Chessboard in Foundry and it was EPIC!! I had 4 players that had never used/seen foundry or forge-vtt, and all they could do was exclaim how much better it was than Roll20! Foundry.PNG|690x392

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Thank you all for participating! I didn’t get a lot of submissions, just the 4 from here and one via Reddit, and only for the game screenshot category.
I’ll be opening a new contest soon, and I already received other submissions for that. I’ll announce the new contest soon as well as the winner from the current one that just closed.

I am working on a bunch of stuff for Foundry VTT and will have some things to submit soon. Are you interested in video? I have many dynamic maps and tokens to show off.

Yes, definitely. I expect I’ll announce the new contest this week, but you gifs/videos are welcome as well. I’d love to see some dazzling animated maps.

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry this took so long to do, but things have just been crazy lately, and I underestimated my ability to handle the chaos and push through my exhaustion.

Making a choice for the winner has been really hard, but my choice landed on this beautiful submission by u/Tom_Andre from the Reddit thread :

I also loved the submission from @julien1985 which gets awarded second place and @amazingrando with 3rd place.
There originally was no plans for having a 2nd and 3rd place, but I’ve decided to add a little something to you two for your work. I’m giving @julien1985 12 months of Extra data and assets and @amazingrando, your choice between Extra data or assets (Extra data is only useful if you have a subscription, but with 3GB of Extra assets, you can use it even if you end up self hosting).

You can see the details of what the Extra options are at the bottom of the plans page :

Oh and @Kevin had some nice pictures in there (especially one that I loved) but he was disqualified because he’s a moderator and already got an account :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all who participated, and as soon as I feel like I can handle another contest, I will set it up and give more time to everybody to submit their stuff, as well as include the stuff that I’ve received after the deadline of the current contest.

P.s: I will contact Tom_Andre via reddit, I’ve added the extras to @julien1985’s account but I need @amazingrando to send me their choice of Extra.


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