Contest for a new stream using Foundry as the Backbone

Good evening-

KaKaRoTo has given me permission to post this here. But I want to be clear - all he and the Forge are giving me is a bit of screen space, they are in no way running or endorsing this contest. So do not ask the admin or mods any questions, instead direct them to me!

My group is starting a new D&D streaming game that is planned to go live mid-March 2021. We are in beta-testing now (SOOOO much to learn) but I want to a) generate a bit of interest in the project, and b) hopefully get help from other creatives.

The campaign theme is a pirate and black powder game set in a world of thousands of islands. It will be a game of scoundrels and smugglers, a group originally out for gold but that will quickly turn into dealing with a conspiracy 700 years in the making, and a lot of laughs!

The company theme will be genre focused, so gaming and related items like house-rules and homebrew, eventually reviews of new books or movies or TV, and to insure we have a professional face when time comes to meet with potential partners/sponsors/suppliers.

Currently we have an overall media company (, which we plan to be the more business professional site - there is an EXTREMELY basic site up there now, but it is in the process of having a pro face-lift, and is currently serving a dual role of basic info on the company, offering thanks to companies helping us [HUGE shout out to the Forge for being our hosting for the virtual Foundry application, taking the hardware burden off my poor lil’ laptop] and a campaign site still under construction (campaign title is Into the Rage) but in looking at the logos and headers, I just couldn’t help but think something was missing. And then it hit me - each needs a tagline or catchphrase!

So I am posting this contest on several boards and Discords, asking for input, and offering some prizes.

First, the rules:

  1. A person can only win for one prize - if you enter both, and both get chosen, we will ask you to pick another person to receive the second prize.
  2. I am not listing where else we are posting the contest, but if you come across it elsewhere, you CAN entire multiple teams (once per source). The caveat is each entry must be unique, not even just minor variations. We will take the first entry and remove others that are duplicates.
  3. If two people enter with the same or very similar phrases, the entry received first according to email timestamp is the winner.
  4. Please keep things no more than PG13, and text only (though you can suggest font).
  5. Officially entry starts Nov 26th 2020, and runs thru Dec 15th 2020 with winners contacted by Dec 31st. Unofficially, you can enter early, but all I will do is add you to the spreadsheet - no judging will happen until the contest end date closes.

So now for the prizes:

  1. The winner of each piece (company vs campaign) will get a digital Amazon gift card of $25, as well as credit on the show (open to suggestions on title for the winners - Assistant Producer, maybe? Thoughts appreciated).
  2. The winners will also be given the option to create a minor NPC I will use in the show - if you want to claim this part of the prize, we will arrange a time to talk on Discord to hammer out details. If you choose not to create the NPC (someone I trust said original wording made it seem like work - so making it clear THIS IS ENTIRELY OPTIONAL!), you can gift this part to another person (but just in case of unusual coincidences, no one can get multiple prizes).

All entries must come by email to support AT dahgdamedia.con, and the subject line should be “Contest Entry - from the Forge website”, as I want to give thanks to whatever source the winner came from. I do pledge right now I will in no way use your contact info for ***any *** reason other than the above as tracking your entry and to announce the winners - this will all be done manually, so no computer will gather any details. Your data is YOUR data, I think we have a duty to respect your privacy.

We do have a set of Guiding Principles which really mean a huge deal to us - while we do not run the world, we ask in dealings with us, at least, you abide by them. The general summary of them is "Be kind to everyone " and the full list is

Finally, if you need/want more info on either area to better tailor your entries, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions on here or by email at support AT (I think everyone by now how to handle email addresses that way, just trying to make sure no bots scoop up my email) or to arrange a quick Discord call to go over stuff. Just remember the Forge mods and administrative are not involved beyond the screen space - which does mean they are eligible to enter themselves, as all my friends can attest - I do not show favorites in business.

I will try to monitor responses on this thread, but the best way to reach me is a Discord message (dahgda#3600) or by the above emails (Discord preferred).

I do appreciate your consideration, and wish you all happy gaming!