Constant "Reconnecting" message for one player

I recently started using Forge/Foundry to play a couple games with various friends. One of my players gets the “Disconnected/Reconnecting” pop-up message constantly. He’s the only one experiencing the issue and we’ve tried every suggested fix we’ve found on these forums.

I checked both world sizes and they are both under 10 MB. I disabled all modules and he still gets the message. He has tried using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge as well as cleared his browser cache and still the problem persists. He even formatted his laptop and reinstalled Windows in an attempt to fix it. He has a fairly new gaming laptop so I can’t imagine it’s a hardware/performance issue.

At this point I’m out of ideas and open to suggestions.

One of our players is having that same problem and we’ve run thru all the testing we can think of short of formatting. He says no other sites/apps behave like this for him, and I’ve been on a Discord call with him screen sharing while it constantly happened for two games now. It’s so bad that most times he has to ask us to describe what’s going on because nothing is updating for him or the screen is just black.

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