Constant disconnecting

I have gotten the “You have lost connection to the server, attempting to re-establish” quite a few times. Both in my testing of the worlds and in actual play. I was running a Star Wars one shot, and any time one of my players even moved I would lose connection and have to refresh to see any kind of roll or movement. I switched to the Forge because I was having trouble getting people connected through self-hosting, and I don’t know if there’s anything I can do other than just deal with it.
It doesn’t seem to be an issue with modules, since I tested it with all of the modules disabled and it still happened. It could be an issue with how much memory is being used, but I don’t know what I can do about that. Any tips or assistance would be helpful.

It sounds like your players are not experiencing these issues, is that the case?

As for memory - this is mostly down to scene size with walls and lighting. There are map sizes which are considered soft limits to be able to accommodate most PCs, that being below 8000x8000 pixels. Over that and you might find people who can’t actually see the scene at all.
The larger the scene in size - the more performance issues there are. But this is generally not an issue, as modules are the most likely culprit for performance anxiety. In your case it appears to not be so.
I would still make sure to check that your system is up to date according to your Foundry version - simply go to the bazaar page on the forge site and update everything.

An alternative is to check your browser for issues - you might be running weird extensions that overload everything. If using chrome, I suggest trying firefox or edge as alternatives. Switch accordingly if you’re already using one of those.

If it’s not the world itself, the scenes, the modules or your browser, it might just be your internet.
The reason being that Foundry relies heavily on websocket packets and they occur very very often. Any time the system discovers that the connection has been lost - it throws up the error. In your case, it seems it cannot reconnect.
Assuming you have a mobile plan, you could tether it to your PC and run off of that for a bit, see if it makes any difference. This has shocked quite a few people who otherwise believed their internet to be stable - most things are fault-tolerant to such things, Foundry not as much.

If it’s none of the above, then we can consider further steps for debugging and your feedback on what you find will assist greatly in that.

I await your positive return.