Constant Disconnect & Reconnect to Server

I constantly get connected and disconnected from all Forge VTT servers. Ive been in a Aliens game, now running a DnD Campaign, and constantly having connection and disconnection issues. It disconnects from the server then reconnects. I’ve updated all of my modules with no changes. This is often preventing me from seeing player rolls, movement, and often desyncs me from the client completely which is a huge issue as a DM.

This is my F12 Console and what it generates when i get the disconnect message.

It also seems to occur when my players do something. Not for my players, but for me.

Would not want to presume, but seeing as it’s a prominent error which could lead to disconnections and it’s something that’s easy to test perhaps - Does turning off the Drag Ruler module help?

As it’s compatible with 0.8.5, perhaps a change in 0.8.6 broke it somehow?

I’m sorry, I think I’m incorrect on that previous post. These error would occur if the socket connection was missing.

Assuming there aren’t any network issues on your side - there are certain things that could in theory cause disconnections.

  1. I would first urge you to disable your modules if at all possible, which could show that a module is actually causing havoc.

  2. Due to the nature of GMs, they see more than players and thus the difference could appear from that. As such:
    2.1. Try giving your chat history a good wipe - long message history has been known to cause all sorts of strange problems and you as a GM might see a hidden message that would not cause issues to your players.
    2.2. Check your world size and specifically actor/scene/other count. If you’ve happened to import a lot of assets directly as actors, it could and has lead to potential issues. This one seems unlikely as it seems you’re probably using a Roll20 converted CoS campaign, thus don’t really have much need for additional items.

  3. What is interesting that this disconnection appears to occur right when a player is moving - as so many errors occur at the same time.
    Due to the nature of what Drag Ruler does - it needs the GM account to be connected so it could place these movement history markers I’d imagine. It is rather strange that the socket drops straight as these requests are made, though it could have just been a coincidence.
    I still recommend turning that module off specifically and seeing if that fixes it. To test it you would need a player to be on and moving their token - you can simulate this by opening the game from another browser, logged in as one of the players.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I anxiously await your feedback!