Configuring your game

Video tutorial :

Clicking on My Table in the top ribbon takes you to your configuration page.

Some important notes:

  • Game URL can only contain numbers, letters, and dashes. Make it short and easy to type or read!
  • The Invitation Link is only applicable if your game is set to private, or you want your players to see your table in their Games list. Otherwise, just send your players the Game URL.
  • You can upload a custom Game Banner for your game. These banners are stored in your Assets Library in a folder called Game Banners.
  • Game Privacy Mode determines what the players see when they navigate to your link. If your game is set to private, they will need to create a free Player account and login at the Forge in order to access your table. This will also tie into the advanced invite management and user integration at the Story Teller and World Builder tiers. If your game is set to public and your server is online, they’ll drop into the core Foundry VTT Join page.
  • Foundry VTT Server version lets you pick between previous versions of Foundry and the most current stable version. You may want to consider keeping a previous version until your favorite mods have been updated to work on the new one. If you are a Council Member for Foundry Gaming, you will also have access to unstable even-numbered versions as they’re released. The Forge will update Foundry VTT with any hotfixes as they are released.

Reserved for importing files

Reserved for exporting files

Reserved for Systems & Modules Installer (WIP)

For public games, can also be useful for players who login (to have access to their assets library/upload tokens) so the game appears in their “Games” page.

I’ve created a FAQ & Tutorials subcategory in the Help category, so users can submit their questions there, and this one (locked to staff) can be used to post actual tutorials.
I’d also suggest one thread per tutorial instead of one reply per tutorial, so you don’t need to reserve replies for further content.