Configure Game Settings doesn't work in 5.4 or 5.5 release

In the 5.4 or 5.5 release of FVTT, while in the Forge server the configure game settings button does nothing, essentially locking me out most of the custom configuration.
I verified the 5.3 release is still working fine, however.

Please fix ASAP.

Have you stopped and restarted your game?

@labriejp That issue is unrelated to the forge, so there is nothing for me to fix. The problem comes from specific modules that are breaking the functionality of Foundry VTT. I suggest you first try to update all your modules to make sure they are compatible with the changes in 0.5.5.
If that doesn’t work, then my suggestion would be to first try to disable all modules (which you can do from the ‘edit world’ dialog in the setup page of Foundry, then enable them back one by one until you find the ones causing an issue.
The last few people I’ve seen with this error, it was caused by the Playlist Importer module, and disabling it fixed the problem.

Yikes… well that stinks that the modules are disabling that function.

Kakaroto, I will start doing that right now.

thank you very much.

No problem! Apparently playlist importer was updated to fix the bug, so you may not need to disable anything after all, just make sure all the modules are up to date.