Conducting rune effect? PF2E

im trying to make some code to make a conducting rune for my magus blade. brings up the choice set but not the damage

“key”: “ChoiceSet”,
“choices”: [{
“label”: “PF2E.TraitAcid”,
“value”: “acid”
}, {
“label”: “PF2E.TraitCold”,
“value”: “cold”
}, {
“label”: “PF2E.TraitElectricity”,
“value”: “electricity”
}, {
“label”: “PF2E.TraitFire”,
“value”: “fire”
}, {
“label”: “PF2E.TraitSonic”,
“value”: “sonic”
“adjustName”: true,
“flag”: “damageChoice”
“key”: “DamageDice”,
“selector”: “damage”,
“damageType”: “{item|flags.pf2e.rulesSelections.damageChoice}”,
“diceNumber”: 1,
“dieSize”: “d8”,

Might be better off asking in the #pf2e channel on the official FoundryVTT Discord, lotsa helpful, very specifically minded people over there.