Complex multilevel map import

I’d like to import this complex multi-level map.
I’ve imported curse of strahd from DND beyond…but the castle map is missing!
So, I’d like to import the map here:

This map unzips to a multi-directory multi level map.

Is there a way I can import this into the Forge? It is made for foundry …where it is simply unzipped into the user data directlry.

Thanks for your help.

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From a quick look at the patreon, it looks like you need to upload the assets to your assets folder in Forge and then build it in Foundry. (and install the levels module).
Then follow the instructions in the readme file that is in the download.

They didnt build it to be a “just drag onto the canvas” type thing. (Although they could if they made an “Adventure Compendium”)

Could you explain building it in foundry a bit more?



I am guessing a little here as I dont have the module, but I assume that there is a compendium that has a bunch of scenes that have all the levels built in that you would import into your world.

There may also be a folder of tiles (or possibly actors as I know Baileywiki does some fancy stuff with art as actors) where you would then drag the tiles (or actors) onto the canvas.

According to the patreon post there is a “ReadMe.txt” file in the download that explains how to do it.
They also posted in the patreon a clarification as a few people were getting confused on something.

You would also need the “levels” module, which is a little complicated to use.
there is a discord that discusses that module specifically if you need help on that. (I used it once a long time ago with a ship map from Baileywiki, it was very cool, but was confusing and took a while to get used to it, although the UI may have improved since I last used it)

Link to levels discord: