Compendium module __ not found in the Bazaar

Whenever I upload a world to the Forge, the previous error always shows up, with ____ being the file name.

After closing the Import Wizard, it shows this error message above
“Error importing world : Could not find world manifest in the archive.”

I have no idea what this means, I’ve been able to create this world within my own Foundry Application, its just that it won’t upload onto the Forge. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone knows what this means?

Thank you for your time.

Good morning @jaded_militia
It seems you might be missing a World.json file in your world.
Compendium module? Did you have a compendium module before?

Does it cause any harm? If you could screenshot the error by pressing f12 -> Console. Look for red errors there ^^ Or filter them out, that would be great ^^

Are you importing your Data folder or just the world folder itself? If it’s just the world, can you screenshot the file contents of the folder ? I’m guessing something isn’t right in there, possible having a module.json alongside the world.json perhaps?