Compendium Icons

Good afternoon,

Under the old Compendium Folders module, for Foundry v10 and before, I was able to have icons for each of my main compendium folders… I play Torg Eternity, so one of the realities encountered in that game is Aysle, the fantasy realm, which I’m just using for an example, here.

I used to be able to have the reality icon for Aysle in front of the Aysle folder in the compendium.

Am I still supposed to be able to set that up? I ask, because the dialog box that pops up when I right-click to edit the title of the folder, no longer has the line I need to set those icons.

Thank you for rebuilding the Compendium Folders module for v11; I am hoping to get back that functionality.

I’m wondering if this might have anything to do with it…

module “compendium-folders” declares which is unsupported, media.url should be used

I’m no coder, so I don’t know, but usually where there’s one issue, there are others associated with it.

Thank you for your time, if you have an opportunity to take care of this.

Hey here @tithenon
I believe that both of these issues are related to the compendium-folders module, e.g. here is an issue for the “” warning V11 Warning · Issue #212 · earlSt1/vtt-compendium-folders · GitHub.

Unfortunately, these issues and the question would need to be answered by the module dev :slight_smile:
On the bright side, the warning should not prevent use and is unrelated to the other issue you mentioned.

Thank you for the response. I thought ya’ll were the module owners, though?

Sure thing!

We provide the Compendium, but the folders aren’t from us.

That would be User Profile - Erceron | Foundry Virtual Tabletop for the Compendium Folders module.

Support for compendium modules in Foundry evolves over time. V11 adds a new method of defining folders for new compendium modules (optional manifest attributes here Introduction to Module Development | Foundry Virtual Tabletop), but for existing compendium modules with Compendium Folders from pre-v11 such as in your case, it would need to be handled by the Compendium Folders module.

It looks like the author has more or less abdicated his development, as there’s been no action for some time on Compendium Folders, now.

Phi, once again you prove to be invaluable; thank you for all you do. :smiley: