Companion and Eidolon sheets unable to opened anymore in PF2E

Good afternoon~

Recently My player and myself had access to two NPC sheets that they could operate one as their Eidolon and there companion. this tuesday mid session me and the player lost access to the sheets. Their both NPC sheets and no other NPC sheet except for those two are glitched in this way. Unlinking it from the player did not help, reloading did not help. Exporting into a new sheet did not help.

Would appreciate some assistance finding the cause for this issue so I can fix it if it happens again.

Hey there :wave:

It sounds like there might be an error in either the pf2e system, the character data, or in a module which is used to display the companion sheets.

I’d recommend opening the dev tools console (F12) and checking there to see if you can see any red error messages which might explain what the culprit is here.