Combat Numbers Module

Hello everyone.
I absolutely love this module with all my heart and soul. Unfortunately with the new dnd 5e update, it doesn’t load the background screen and it’s all black! Does anybody know a fix for this module or other modules that do something very similar?

Partly what I love about it is it produced very large rolls that are easy to see and buttons that I could easily apply damage, half damage, healing, and even numbers for saving throws in the chat box. These features are absolute life savers to speed up combat.

If the module is not going to have updates, does anyone have suggestions for other modules that do the same thing?

Not to mention I did love the bouncing numbers text on top of icons was just icing on the cake.

Any help would be appreciated. I feel so less than to not have this module in full force.

Hey there :ocean:

Ah, yes, I’m afraid that Combat Numbers hasn’t gotten a v10 update, and I’m not certain if it will get one.
Foundry v10 does support floating numbers out of the box, and has those options to apply damage/healing/half etc. available if you right click on the damage roll.


This might help you cover your standard use cases. If you’re looking for something with more flair though, I’m pretty sure theRipper93 has a paid module for nice looking RPG damage numbers available to their patrons over here.

Hope this helps!