Coding for spell effects for pathfinder 2e

Is there a post or where I can find to make effects like magic weapon for spell strike for the magus class. Sorry to ask but coming from fantasy grounds different symtex.

Example adding the shocking grasp damage when strike with weapon.

If you’re trying to extend the pathfinder 2 game system, you should ask on the Foundry discord server. The folk who wrote that game mode are very active and very helpful. The Foundry vtt front page has a link to join their discord server.

Hello, as @ampersandrew said, foudry’s discord is probably the best place to ask such questions Foundry VTT . As I personally do not know what it means, but someone who has played the system probably knows :smiley: If you could explain exactly what you want, in a context of foundry, I could maybe help, but better ask the people who knows!