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Is there a problem going on with the code, somewhere? Or, is it the fact I have not upgraded to v11, yet? Let me see if I can post the screenie of what I’ve been seeing on both my Laptop and my Desktop at various times…

When I reload, it comes up immediately.

Hey there :wave: This is unrelated to v11, but it implies that when that happened, the browser was unable to load the style sheet for whatever reason. A refresh is the right approach in that situation :+1:

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This happens more often than it should, which should be zero. This happens to me about one in every five times I go to Forge. Yes, a refresh fixes it, but I shouldn’t have to do it.

I’m wondering if there was a browser update… Wait, I use Forge Awesomness when I open Foundry. That’s now VERY strange, indeed.

We’re looking into cases where links from the Forge nav bar are displayed when you attempt to enter your game, and it is proving difficult to reproduce from my side.

Could I please ask that you check in your dev tools console (F12) and check to see if there are any error messages being logged when this happens, to explain why the response errors out and displays the incomplete page rather than going through to your games?

This would help us to figure out the problem and perhaps find a solution.

If you could also please check and confirm whether you’re able to reproduce this in incognito mode with no browser extensions active, that would help a lot!

Quick update on this:
We’ve had some movement on this on the Forge Discord and received screenshots that we hope will allow us to resolve the issue.

If you do encounter it again, please do see if you can grab logs from the dev tools console (F12). That will help us to corroborate what we’ve already discovered.

It appears to be related to starting up a game from a Stopped/Idle state and currently appears localized to NA, and is not always reproducible. Thanks for your help!

Just happened to me again. Here is a screenshot of my browser console and issues tabs. Hope it helps.

Oh, and this comes up on the page as well. Not sure if it’s helpful, but here it is (second time in two logins that this has happened).