[CLOSED][LFP][FREE] Daggerheart

Hi everyone,

With Matt Mercer’s Open Beta for Daggerheart out, I’m looking to find a few players for the playtest. I’m hoping to find another 2-4 players to round out the group, and will be using Foundry VTT and Discord to manage the players and the game.

If interested, please let me know soon, as I hope to do this within the next week. We will build characters together, and build those connections to get ready for a night of adventure!

  • All TTRPG players welcome
  • No experience necessary
  • Microphone required
  • Camera preferred
  • All Time Zones Welcome

I might be interested :slight_smile: the thing is I don’t have a lot of free time and I am in EU timezone. What timeslots would you be running this in?

Hi, I would be very interested in joining, was skeptical at first but saw the one-shot and fell in love with the system. I know I am a little late but let me know where you are at. I am living In Ireland so EU timezone :slight_smile:

I have D&D 5e experience, and am comfortable with camera and of course microphone!

I may be late to this train, but I’m very interested in playing if you still have any spots.

I am down to join. My time zone is in Western Europe though. So just keep that in mind.
(edit) I just saw it was closed. Sorry to bother you.

Hey all, I see I’m still getting attention here. I’m interested in starting another test that is EU timezone friendly. Please send me a DM if you are still interested and I’ll give you a link to my discord server.

I am very interested. I would to join your games. Just message me and I will be ready. Thanks for your consideration.