[CLOSED] In Progress Mark of the Corrupt homebrew grim-dark campaign looking for 1 or 2 players [Online] [Free] [FoundryVTT] [PF2e] [Weekly] [Sundays 4PM EST] [Homebrew World & Campaign] [LFP] [Existing Campaign]

You awaken hungry, tired, thirsty, and unsure of where you are or what has happened. As you stand you notice a mark on the back of your right hand; a burn scar in the shape of a spiral. You see others in this room, a room dark and full of rot, most of them dead but a few others seems to be waking up at the same time as you. All of you have one thing in common, the mark. You try to remember how you got here but you come up blank. One moment you were going about your day, then there was a fog in your mind and you suddenly found yourself here. Despite the unfamiliar surroundings you know immediately where you are: the long forgotten and forbidden city once called Ruutal.

The World

This campaign takes place in my homebrew world, loosely based on pathfinder and DnD’s worlds but mostly entirely made up by me. The setting of this campaign in specific is a continent called Nascerya (pronounced naseeria) and the lost city of Ruutal therein. The continent of Nascerya is one of magic, it’s people looking down on the more brutish and unsophisticated methods of battle, protection, and livelihood of the other countries.

There are regions of Nascerya called Geshire (a smaller island off the southern coast) The Glass Sea (a desert known for it’s capability to turn to water at night) The Free Lands (a constantly warring no mans land claimed by tens of small factions) Hreint (a highly spiritual kingdom with a culture based on vikings) The Fog Lands (a small strip of land to the east known for its monsters and monster hunters, based on japan) and finally, Ruutal, a land of eternal darkness and the land of relevance to this campaign.

To the west of the continent is Malidor, the kingdom of technology. To the east is Largus, the oldest and most populated continent. Finally, to the north is Ignotum, a land shrouded in mystery inhabited mostly by sentient undead, beastkin, and other people not widely accepted in other places around the world.

The city of Ruutal, capital of the kingdom of Ruutal, is a grand and magnificent city that now lays abandoned by most but the truly insane and depraved. All that is known about the fall of Ruutal is that around about a hundred years ago it was overcome by a sort of sickness and corruption called the Miasm and it’s people were forced to leave for good. Those who were afflicted with this Miasm soon developed deformities and were lost to madness, turning into crazed flesh hungry monsters. After that those who stayed did so for multiple reasons such as salvaging the city, seeking treasure, or simply because they had no where else to go, they were called Sifters. Very few of them have ever been seen since.


There are a few homebrew rules that I am using for this campaign either to make certain aspects more fun or to enhance the tone and danger. I can’t really list all of them because a lot of them are small things but there are a few of note:

Fear & Insanity - While exploring and fighting and adventurer is likely going to be faced with things that no man should have to see. This system allows for a range of fear and insanities for just those situations. Based somewhat on the insanity rules from Pathfinder 1e and the insanity rules from Call of Cthulhu. Seeing events, creatures, and sights that you were not supposed to see might deal sanity damage, if your sanity gets low you might go insane, easy as that.

Wounds - Again similar to insanity, it is likely that you will be hurt while adventuring and this system represents those long lasting wounds that are a bit harder to heal. When taking a large amount of damage you might become wounded and need time and rest to recover.

Magic Versatility - I have always thought that magic can get a bit too limiting sometimes in ttrpgs, so in this system whenever you have 10 minutes of uninterrupted rest you can exchange spell slots for higher and lower levels up to your max. So a level 3 spell slot could get you a level 2 and a level 1 and vice versa.

Dying State - It’s always kind of annoyed me that when you go down in combat you just unrealistically and immediately fall unconscious so in this system you can instead fight at a reduced level while downed.

Creativity is King - In a game where anything can happen, why be limited by the rules? If something just makes sense but isn’t normally possible then I just might make an exception. Like maybe you want to take apart a rusty clockwork automata? Well now if you have the tools to do so, just deal damage with a craft check. If you make a good case for it I’ll probably let it work.

About Me

I have played mostly pathfinder 1e for a while and recently changed over to 2e and foundryvtt from roll20. I have a bit of experience but I am by no means a master GM nor pathfinder 2e expert nor foundry prodigy but I get things done. I’m currently 20 (Male) and started when I was around 17 and only started 2e last year. I prefer running things in a mostly even split of RP to Combat though for this campaign it will probably lean a bit combat heavier in parts. I always enjoy when the party works together and overcomes adversity but I also don’t tend to kill people unless they make a bad mistake though again, this is grim dark in nature so death is on the table. I absolutely encourage any kind of player to join whether new, experienced, shy, outspoken, male, female, straight, gay, black, or white, you have a place here :slight_smile:

Technical & Contact

We are running the campaign of course through foundry self hosted using discord for voice chat and discussion. I usually like to play ambient music and sound but you can mute them if you want. If you have questions, are interested in joining, or want to get clarification on rules then find me on discord at PlagueGoose#9149, also just call me Goose or Plague or whatever else you want I don’t mind

Hi I’m interested in your game, what are you looking for in a player? what creation rules are you using and available source books?

Were really good with whatever, though i will say we have no healer or tank other than a paladin npc so that kinda thing might be good (everyone else is a spellcaster) pretty much everything is available and allowed. I will mention that humans are most common in the region as well as beastfolk, fetchlings, drow, and elves. we are using stamina and even ability boost spread when it comes to variant rules. all books are available when it comes to creation though as mentioned above the lore for most of the things are slightly different.