Clicking on Character Sheets does nothing (post-Jan 10th update)

Hey everyone! Would love a little help - I was running a game a couple days ago and when I’d click on a creature in the Actors tab the character sheet come up just fine. I updated to the Jan 10th update and now when I click on any creature the character sheet doesn’t even load, as if I’d done nothing. Players linked through D&D Beyond seem to load still, but anything that was created or connected through Forge are completely unresponsive. Any advice on how to fix this? Thanks for the help!

Hey there :wave:

I recommend having a look at the Bazaar to make sure that all of your modules are updated to the latest versions, then Stop and Start your server here The Forge and give it another bash!

If you’re still running into the issue, this could be a bug with the package or another module that interacts with it. Have a look in your dev tools console (F12) to see if there’s any red popping up when you try to open the sheet, and please post a screenshot if you see an error!

Thanks for the reply! I checked the Bazaar and restarted my servers, but it seems like it’s a module issue - I disabled Better NPC Sheet 5e and Tidy5e Sheet and now I can access everything’s character sheets again. Thank you for the advice!

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I had the same problem and the same procedure fixed it. Module creators for NPC Sheet 5e and Tidy5e have some updates to make.