Chosen Ones - Pro GM New and Existing Games! [Homebrew] [Intense RP] [All Experiences Welcome] [5e] [$21 USD]

:scroll: | Quick Details

Variant DnD5e | 70/30 RP/Combat | $21.00 USD

:dna: | About Me

Hello! My name is Michael. I am 30 years old and use he/him/they pronouns. I reside in the state of Oregon within the United States with my wife and soon to be two children. I have been a gamemaster since my early teens running 3.5e games for my friends. Motivated by them and my father, I collected my writings and content transforming it into a copyrighted world setting and fantasy campaign that I ran with parties at local gaming shops as I pursued a career in biochemistry. In the last three years, I transitioned to becoming a professional gamemaster to continue my passion as a fantasy writer and meet the needs of my family.

My style centers around treating my players as friends and making them heroes. I strongly dislike rule lawyering and destruction of creative thought. My goal is to support my players and drive their character stories into the plots of my world. My sessions swing from heavy RP to intense combat with downtime and crafting intermixed to bring balance. My players find themselves wanting to discuss moral and ethical decisions before moving forward as I portray a diverse range of characters and motivations using different voices and moods. Lastly, I love to surprise my players with realistic plot hooks and a living world.

:crossed_swords: | Current Games

These games are one to three years into the campaign and currently stream on Twitch.

Friday 5:00 - 9:00 PM PST::chair: 1 seat open (Level 8)

Saturday 11:00 - 3:00 PM PST: :chair: 1 seat open (Level 11)

Saturday 4:00 - 8:00 PM PST::chair: 1 seat open (Level 12)

:crossed_swords: | New Games

These games will be running a similar campaign as the current games. However, many changes have been made that brings about a completely different world and these will not be streamed.

Tuesday 2:00 - 6:00 PM PST::chair: 6 seats open

Wednesday 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST: :chair: 6 seats open

:fire:| Expectations

Payment for my games are simple. I offer a subscription of $91.00 USD per month which includes the following…

  • 4 hour sessions.
  • 4 to 5 sessions per month.
  • All dnd5e sourcebooks on DND Beyond and Foundry VTT.
  • Fully automated and animated Foundry VTT.
  • Custom character backstories and arcs.
  • Homebrew rules and crafting system.
  • Community of over 50 members and free monthly events.

I understand paid games and their pricing can be challenging. Your payment covers the above, supports my time to customize your game, and ensures my support 24/7. I have videos to provide plenty of evidence that my games are worth the price.

Character creation is performed on DND Beyond. All races and classes in dnd5e are allowed. Homebrew can be allowed, but I need to review it first. We use a homebrew way of rolling for ability scores which will be done on Foundry VTT after import. We use Discord for video and voice chat. Foundry VTT handles the character sheet, items, and rolls.

Backstories are created together to immerse your character. First, you will write something original and creative then I will provide ideas and supplements until the backstory truly comes alive.

Once the seats are filled, we will run a Session 0 and schedule Session 1. Session 0 is a group activity to learn Foundry VTT and to get to know each other. Session 0 is free!

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You can also apply on our Community Discord.