Characters and monsters sheet problem dnd5e

Hello. I have bad character sheet when I create player sheet or import a monster from dndbeyond. What am I doing wrong?

-I try it without modules. Same. Only if I try it on my PC, no on the Forge server , its work.
-I try delete my world and make new world and create char cheet in default new world and same problem. Cannot see player sheet, only name.


So after quickly looking over it.

What Foundry version are you running, and what system are you running?

And you said it didn’t fix it without modules? So you don’t have any sheet modules? Does it work making a normal character?

Lastly, could you press f12 and look for errors (red things) in console when:

  • You import a character
  • When you open a sheet
  • Upon starting the game

I would love screenshots of the errors if there is any, and for the rest. The more info we have the easier it is to help.

I would also recommend you to just try another browser.

Hello, thank you for reply.

-Windows 10
-Foundry version 0.6.6
-browser is Chrome, because I need VTTAssets

You’re currently on “elements” on the right screen there, if you could hit console that would be neat ^^

Oh sorry, here is it

Ah, so it looks to me you have the new version of DND5E, which might be causing this problem.

If you could delete the D&D5E system, and in the manifest link just paste:

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Thank you!! Awesome support :slight_smile:

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FYI: The dnd5e 0.98 version was released yesterday which fixed the 0.97 bug, so if you update now, it should be all good :+1: