Character Vault

Most likely as a part of “The Forge: More Awesomeness” module, add a right click button that automatically exports the JSON of your character and saves it onto your Forge storage.

Bonus points:

  • designating a character to be periodically saved like this, creating backups in essence
  • ability to easily transfer over characters from one game to another, say for the purposes of testing, using this method

Hey Vauxus! Just checking, you are aware that you can already click on an actor you own to export its data to your computer, correct? Is your suggestion for also allowing it to be stored on Forge servers, for ease of use?

That is correct! A simple way to transfer characters over worlds or just backup them without the need of doing that yourself would be neat.

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Better way to do this:
Shared Compendium Module, dump these characters into the “Actors” compendium, enable “Shared Compendium Module” on all worlds, characters now available on all worlds.

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That is essentially what they want, but a player can not do this.
We have it written down as a feature request and sounds interesting to delve into.

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