Character Sheet issues and measurement issues

Game System: GURPS 0.11.12

I have a strange issue with my game.

We had a game session last night and everything went smooth.
This morning I went back to the session to review some things. But whenever Foundry hosted via the Forge is started a blank PDF-sheet for every player actor pops up. And I can’t open any character sheet - by clicking on one only a empty PDF-sheet opens.
The strange thing is I didn’t change a thing compared to yesterday. So modules are unchanged, settings are unchanged, no update to GURPS 0.12.0 yet.

Apart from that, I can’t use the measurement tool anymore. It can be selected but does nothing when dragged over the canvas.

I guess these are both Forge issues, since I didn’t change a thing to yesterday when everything worked fine!

I also just noticed that a big chunk of yesterdays chatlog is missing - though I didn’t delete anything!

Left local host - right Forge hosted

Same world, same modules, same settings.

I would suggest disabling all modules first, to see if any errors occur while there isn’t any.

If it doesn’t have any issues then, try to update all modules and systems. If this doesn’t help, you’ll have to narrow down which module is causing it so we can look at it.
If it has issues then, I would need to look further into it.

I am not sure about the chat, it shouldn’t just disappear. My guess would be the browser or Modules.