Character Sheet breaking

One of my players is running into a recurring bug with the D&D 3.5e system (up to date), wherein they are unable to roll attacks and on occasion their HP is set to 0 despite having classes and stats. It works fine for a period of time, and then breaks without a clear indicator of why. I’ve got the console open, but this is the third time we’ve rebuilt their character sheet and it shows no sign of stopping.

It appears to be continuously creating 0 owned items in a Parent Actor and getting the “Actor#isPC Attribute has been deprecated in favor of the more general Entity#hasPlayerOwner attribute” line.

Edit: apparently the player had selected weapon finesse with the attack option already set to dexterity generating an error.

Hello, so I saw your update, but did you fix it?
As this actually sounds like a module problem, could you post a module list for me?

Also, what Version of foundry you’re using.

And if you actually think this is just a system error (If you can actually prove it without modules) I could report it to the author, if that is wanted, or you could do it ^^

We are testing to see if we have fixed it right now, we are running no modules and using Foundry version 0.7.5.
We found that it was throwing an error declaring that there was no numeric result from the roll.

As I am not familiar with the system itself, I don’t know what could go wrong ^^
But you might have fixed it? Maybe a use-case problem?
Or Maybe a bug :stuck_out_tongue: I would gladly help out if there is anything.

Looks like we can close this up. Turns out that activating Weapon Finesse on attack options already set to use Dexterity to Hit causes a critical error, haha.

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