Character dragged to map has parenthetical number behind name

When my GM’s drag my character to the map, it shows up with a (1) behind the name, and loses the link to my character in the Actors Directory. So, if I make a change to my character sheet by double clicking on my token on the map, or add a piece of treasure to my character by dragging it to my token, it disappears after that encounter is over, and the token is removed from the map. I have to make all changes to my character in the Actors Directory.

Everyone else’s characters work just fine. Mine seems to be the only one that gets a (1) every time I’m added to the map.

Open your character sheet from the actors tab, click on the “Prototype token” option from the title bar of the window, then make sure the “Link” option is enabled on the token. I’m not sure, but it might be that the DM is the one that needs to make that change for you, but yeah, that would explain your issue, it’s that your token’s actor isn’t linked (which is generally needed for mooks/unnamed NPCs, like having 5 goblins, they shouldn’t all share the same HP, but it should be enabled for PCs)

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