Chaotic friendly player looking to join a weekly game!

Hi there! I’m Kate, usually go by doc. I’m 31/F in EST time zone. I’ve been playing D&D off and on for 5-6 years, I’d say I’m about a shmedium experience level player and i’ve done a little DMing. My current group has had to split due to our DM facing some real world problems and I just really want to settle into a friendly, funny, group of folks who want to tell a story together and have a good time!
I am very flexible with scheduling and open to learn different systems, I only have experience with 5e so that’s what I’m looking for mostly, but I would also love to try Call of Cthulhu or Candella Obscura.
I am a chaotic good/kind/friendly/funny player and my characters follow suit. I love a group focused on exploration, character growth, rp and combat in a good balance. I don’t like it when folks are patronizing or mean, I don’t like main character syndrome or a game that feels more like DM vs players, rather than characters vs. the world and the struggles in that world.
I am familiar with roll20, but open to using other software as long as I don’t have to pay a lot for it, I also am not able to pay to play currently so I am only interested in free games.
Anyway, I could talk about D&D for ages, but if you’d like to chat more or have a game in mind for me to join please reach out to me on discord! My discord ID is the same as it is here: d0ct0rpus
Hope to meet you soon!

Would you be open to playing GURPS?
I am a player in a bi-weekly fantasy game on thursday nights 8pm-11pm eastern.
Here is a link to the campaign website.
The GM is Chris, he has been running this world for many years. Here is his Discord channel: Discord
He streams the sessions, voice and game video only. Check it out here.
I am the assistant GM. I help with content and world building.
I too run a post-apocalyptic game on the opposite thursday same time slot.

Reachout to me on Discord SavageGM

I’m starting a new game on Thursday afternoons Pacific Daylight Time if your interested. Starting with the beginner box and moving into the Abomination Vaults. Msg me if your interested. Once we are done and the group is conferrable we are going to play threw the King Maker campaign!