Changing to Game Manager sends players to the phantom zone

After switching to using the Game Manager, I encountered a unintended consequence:

the game from before the switch is still loaded in the cache of my players, so they can log in and manipulate stuff (even add scenes if they have permission) on their own copy, but are not actually in the running game. Outside the fact that those players cannot be seen as online (and they in turn can’t see others as online), the copies behaved exactly like the regular game. This happened to multiple players, all on current firefox (83.0), and could be resolved by clearing their cache stored under the previous url. This of course means all changes on the individual world copies were also deleted, but no other ill effects were encountered afterwards.

I’ll tag in @kakaroto, because I’m pretty sure that isn’t supposed to be a thing.

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That’s really weird because there’s no way for that to happen. The foundry game should never be cached… it can’t be cached since it depends 100% on the server sending the data via websocket. Any changes they would make would fail since there would be no server to handle those requests. Something else is happening here and I’m not sure what.

Even the way that Foundry works… you can’t make any such changes, if you want to create a scene or an actor, you can never create it, it’s always a request sent to the server to create it, and after the data is written to the database file, then the server tells the client that a new actor/scene was created and provides it with the data. The Foundry client wouldn’t know how to create one without interacting with the server and the server wouldn’t create one until it’s written to the disk.

I don’t have a better explanation for what we saw. I’ll try and get another player to have the same thing happen, but don’t know what exactly triggers this to recreate it.