Changing the Shadow Man Icon in the Actors Tab

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I am using PDFoundry for my Character sheets and I do not have a means to drop a Character portrait on the sheet without using my PDF Form-Fill Editor, which is what I’ve been doing. However, this means I cannot get the shadow man graphic in my Actors Tab to change over to a new image for a representation of the Character. What have I missed? Do I need to export my world, change the Actor database file for the links to these images, and then re-upload? Is this a Foundry issue, not a Forge issue?

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Hello! So, I am not that familiar with the module itself, screenshots of what you’re trying to do would be great ^^

Anyhow, I think what you’re trying to do is just set an image for your character?
I am not sure why the PDF would be used for this. So I think I am just interpretating it badly.
If that is the case, you could just upload it to the assets library, then click the “shadow man” icon in the character sheet.

You can also upload PDF’s to the assets library to do it that way. Hope that helps.

Hi, Kevin,

This is not about any module, it’s about the shadow man icon at the left of each Actor. This is also not about the PDF, just the little hooded shadow man face at the left of any Actor without a replacement image.

I’ve already uploaded the PDFs, after changing the images. All I’m trying to change is this…

Shadow Man

That’s the actor’s avatar, In the default sheet (at least for dnd5e), you would open the actor sheet and click on the avatar to change it. I don’t know how PDFoundry works or what this “PDF Form-Fill Editor” is, so maybe a screenshot can help here, but if it’s a custom sheet that you’re using for the actor, then that would indeed be a module issue, if the module’s sheet doesn’t have a way of setting the actor’s avatar. A solution in that case (other than asking for the feature to the module author) would be to change the sheet to use the default one, set the avatar then set it back to the PDFoundry sheet.
(I’m making a lot of assumptions here since I don’t know the exact configuration you have or how it works, but if it’s a non standard character sheet that is set by a module, your best shot would be to ask the module author for how to set an actor’s avatar, if that’s not it, maybe you can clarify the issue, a screenshot of the sheet itself would be very helpful here)

KaKaRoTo, thank you for attempting an answer. I guess this mean’s I would have to download the world, get into the Avatar code for the shadow man, somehow, and change each one individually.

For PDFoundry, I found out I can mount an image using the PDFEditor, itself, at PDFEscape, but because I’m using a PDF custom Character sheet, there is no way to mount an image, resize it, see the proper fonts or sizes, etc. to make it interactive with Foundry, itself, whether on my own computer or on your Forge servers. What I was trying to find out is how I can change the shadow man icon to art for the Character associated with that Actor line.

I see it’s not possible and, likely, will not be changed and, to be honest, it’s more of an aesthetics thing than anything else.

To be perfectly honest with you I’m uncertain I will continue to go with the Character sheet I’ve designed for my Players, as there are too many roadblocks, but programming a sheet might actually work, if I can have enough silent time to figure it out for myself. I have a group of friends I’ve just put together on my Discord to get Torg Eternity on Foundry, but I may get stuck on Roll 20, which I hate, until someone can figure out how to program a sheet.

Thanks for helping me out, here, but it has nothing to do with PDFoundry, but rather with being able to change that little shadow man guy in the Actors tab individually for each Actor created there.

No problem.
I believe the shadow man image is indeed the actor’s avatar but you shouldn’t have to edit the db file to replace it, as if you click the ‘Sheet’ button in the window title of the actor and set it to the default sheet, you should be able to set the avatar to whatever you want, then set it back to what you currently have.
Hope that makes it clearer.
Good luck!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of my fellow Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers!!! This might not be a happy time for all of us but, perhaps, we can use today as a break on our issues.

Ooh, that’s what you were saying!!! I’ll be darned. Forgive me, I’ve been sick since Monday the 2nd until late yesterday, so my brain’s been full. Thank you so much for the clarification. I’ll look into that, perhaps today; I’ve been working hard to get the sheet up and running, however, and I think I’ll try this out and take a short break from the sheet.

Thank you, again. :slight_smile:

KaKaRoTo, you are an absolute genius. Thank you.

Now, if I can wake my PTSD brain up to figure out more, this thing might actually work. :smiley:

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