Changes to VAT Calculation

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a change to the website to improve compliance with international Tax laws.
First of all, I’m imposing stricter validation on the country/province that can be entered into the billing information.
What used to be auto filled by the Google Maps API (which I thought was very cool) ended up not being optimal as some people ignored it and filled out the information manually, and I’ve seen some people use “CA” instead of “Canada” for the country or some people enter “Germany” and others “Deutschland” for example and the proper tax rates were not correctly calculated at checkout.

I have also been educating myself on the international tax laws, more specifically EU VAT Rates which for some reason, I am bound to follow even though I am not a EU business. What I thought was simple in terms of tax rules (as a Canadian business) turned out to be a much more complex system as I have to somehow know and follow the tax laws of any country I have a customer in. I’ve now registered my business in the EU and need to collect VAT on all services purchased from EU users.

This means that if you are in the EU or in Canada, and you have not seen Tax rates calculated during checkout, then you need to know that you will be charged the VAT (for EU) or GST/HST/PST/QST (for Canada) when the payment goes through at the end of the trial.
Thankfully, I caught this before any payment has been made and everyone is still on their free trial, so you still have some days left to consider if that makes a difference for you.
I will be sending an email directly to anyone affected by this.

Thank you for understanding.

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