Change Billing info

I have had a failed payment attempt on my credit card. I am trying to find a place on the site to change the credit card info and have the charge attempt again. I believe the fraud prevention feature of my credit card is the culprit here and I am having trouble working with my credit union to fix this.

I’m aware of the need for making this possible. For now, you can change your billing information by going to the subscription manager, making any upgrade to your plan (like adding extras), click “checkout”, then you’ll get to update your billing information, then click “preview changes” which will save the new billing information, but then don’t confirm the new changes, you can just click the “Close without changes” button to dismiss it. It won’t change anything in your subscription but it will fix the billing information saved on record.
However, this won’t make the payment go through unfortunately because once an invoice is finalized and payment attempted, then it cannot be modified (there seems to be governmental laws about this sort of thing), so I’ll have to manually void the invoice and generate a new one.
I’ll need to find a solution to this so it doesn’t require my intervention every time.
Please update your billing information, and let me know when it’s done so I can start do a new invoice for your account.

This has been completed.

Thank you. I’ve initiated a retry and it went through. Thank you for taking care of it!