"canvas drawing failed for token layer" Error? So stuck!


So tonight my group was hit by an error that (seemingly) came out of nowhere. Over the last three weeks I have been building out maps, doing walls, lighting etc. I spent three days testing everything as well, making sure everything would be perfect for our game tonight. No error came up, everything was loading just fine. My first two maps worked with no issues tonight, but once we brought up the two actually important maps tonight we all encountered an error - “Canvas Drawing Failed for the Token Layer” pop up on our screens. I saw this error appear on my end but the maps, tokens, music, etc all loaded, looked and sounded fine. My players, however, could not see anything.- they could hear the music and sound effects, but they couldn’t even load the maps, see any tokens or anything. I have no idea where this came from, and looking this up online has not exactly been clear as to what the cause is or how to fix it! Needless to say this ground our game to a complete stop.

I did try loading into safemode - but the error still comes up. I did notice that on one map there was a token I could no longer interact with. It just seemed stuck in place, could not click on it or do anything with it. On the second, larger, map I could see no such token. That is about the extent of my foundry/forge troubleshooting ability. I am not super technical, and I am hoping there is some sort of fix or at least something else I can try? I am super worried I will have to rebuild these maps and the many hours of work that went into that…

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

So by what I am seeing in foundry’s discord it is vastly related to modules.

Try to update your system.
And it could also be related to an image not being properly linked anymore, therefore failing.
I think this would more than likely be a Foundry issue, that would have a quicker and more precise answer due to the error, in their discord. Foundry VTT

But as always, try without any modules on, update everything (what foundry version are you on?).
We can continue to troubleshoot here too, but I would need that information.