Can't upload a zip drive

I’m trying to upload a zip file to my asset library.
I get an “Error Reading Zip File”.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

Suppose it could be corrupted. Could be it’s too large for your browser to unpack if you don’t have much free space available on your disk. Mind you, your browser can only use a small section of the free space at any size.

What’s happening is that the zip is unpacked in the browser and then analyzed and uploaded when the files don’t yet exist. But if something happens with reading the zip - it results in an error such as the one you received.

Thanks. I am not much of a computer person. When you say “free space available on your disk” are you talking about my hard drive? I have 123 GB free on my local disk. Do you have a tip on how to check if it is too large for my browser to unpack?

If the zip file is not over a couple of gigabytes, I wouldn’t worry about it.

So that leaves corruption? Can you open the zip file and it works fine when unpacking locally?

I got the file from FORGOTTEN ADVENTURES’ MAPMAKING PACK. I was trying to follow the instructions by Encounter Library from his latest video. I am assuming, since it worked for him, it would work for me. I wouldn’t think it would be corrupted.

I was able to open the zip file on my computer fine. I actually put it into my data file in my Foundry on my computer, but it wasn’t showing up in my asset library in Foundry online. I didn’t know at the time that I had to do this through Forge. I hope all this makes sense.

Well I guess FA mapmaking pack could be quite large, but probably not enough to cause issues.

You can just use the Importer wizard to upload a folder instead. It works exactly the same way, just without the unpacking part.

If you want to add the files to a specific folder in the assets library this way, you’d need to make sure that the folder you upload has the same path structure.
That means if you wanted to upload the zip to the Assets Library, in a folder path assets/mapmaking, then you would need to have these files in a similar folder tree so the Importer Wizard would put them in the same relative path.

Yeah, there are just TONS of files and subfolders, so I was hoping to avoid it. :crazy_face:

Having a zip doesn’t actually solve that - as I said, it unpacks in your browser and then uploads the files individually anyway.
This is better for the forge as we don’t have to use resources on some things, plus the vast majority of people don’t see a meaningful difference anyway. In the end, it’s pretty much equal in speed, but would rely on the forge building internal processes to handle everything.

So go ahead with it, it’ll get done eventually.