Can't select character tokens D&D 5E

So something weird happened to my D&D worlds. I can select monsters but I cant select character tokens or NPC tokens. Not on the map or in the actors tab. Rolls still translate from D&D beyond but thats the only way to play the characters. They can be moved on the map but no character sheet access. I’m using Chrome, Forge version 11 build 311, D&D version 2.4.1

Any thoughts?

Thanks Mike

Hey there, it sounds like there might be a module issue preventing you from opening the character sheets here.

You can open your dev tools console (F12) and then try to open the character sheet, then see if there is an error being logged once you try to open it.

It you’re using any modules that affect the dnd5e character sheet, it’s very possible that something is happening in that module. If that is the case, you may want to try looking at updating your Foundry version and your modules’ versions

That was it thanks Dynamic effects using Active Effects module is what it was. I appreciate it!