Can't go Public

I’m trying to run a public game but:

I have several other public games that work just fine in the game manager.

The Game Manager system is designed to work with “Private” games. There is some good information describing how it works in this article below.
If you are able to run a pubic game with game manager turned on, I would be interested to see a screen capture, as there might be something for the staff to look into.

You have the User Manager enabled on your game. Click the “Configure players” and disable the user manager if you want to have the game public. You can’t have a public game when the players are auto-configured and auto-logged in by the Forge for you.
Also, unless you have children playing at your game, we do not recommend that you make your games public. It is there only because children can’t create accounts due to COPPA laws, otherwise, tell your players to create an account.
I hope that helps.

Thank you. That was the solution.