Can't create or edit journal entries in v10

Greetings everyone!

I need some help with the Forbidden Lands module. Since FoundryVTT v10 I cannot change or create any notes, as you can see in the pictures. I tested several other game engines, the new note function works perfectly there. My guess is, the FL module uses some custom formating for notes (like the background picture in the title).

Do you have an idea how to prevent the module from using the custom functions and just use the vanilla notes? Or does anyone have an idea how to fix that? There is no option to force vanilla journal entries, is it?

My campaign depends on you. Thanks!

Hey there!
Sadly, forbidden lands is not for v10 yet, neither are the modules. v10 converts all journals to their next generation of journals, which breaks most of the custom once. You’re currently looking at the “vanilla” journal entries.

There is no way to convert back to v9 either, as the whole world converted the data to the new version. The only way to get your game back is to import the world you hopefully backed up before transferring over, or you can have a look at to see if you can recover it there.

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Thank you for your reply. Let’s hope, they will be updated soon. I made a back up, but maybe I’ll wait for the update. Forbidden Lands with lots of journal entries gets clunky - I would love to use the new journal entries.

Do you now if there is a way to force the game to use other journal formats? They told me in reddit (, just to switch to tiny mce. Is it not possilbe with Forge or is it because of the outdated FL-module?

Recently found this out myself too. I’ve been trying to find out what they meant for a while now, but I finally found the answer.
This is what they meant in the reddit post: Screen capture - a232d95054014e9a6bea2883137122ea - Gyazo

You can try to change it there.