Cannot Log In with GM Account

Hello, I’m trying to start up my Torg Eternity game, and my Players are able to log in, but I am not able to log in with my GM account. Please help!?

My Foundry login comes up and I can get in with my Player account, but when I go to work with my GM account, the Foundry canvas will not load. It does with my Player account, though.

My GM login is successful… holy crap, you have to be kidding me. I had to log in with a Player account and then went back out to the Join Screen and, finally, was able to log in with my GM account… this is the first time it’s ever happened; does anyone have any ideas WHY it happens and any tricks to work with it other than the one I just found accidentally?

Thank you.

This might indicate that there’s a module that you have enabled which only works for the GM and it’s the one breaking the loading of the canvas. I’d recommend you try to disable all modules (edit world from the setup screen and enable ‘safe mode’ to have it disable all modules) and see if that fixes your problem.

Thank you. I’ll give that a shot some time this week. I think it’s just weird that I had to log in with my Player account first, and then I could back out and log in normally with my GM account. The only module I have that I can think of that might break the game like this, for me, is the GM Notes module.

Has anyone else who has experienced this problem figured out what the issue was, yet?

I’m fairly certain that the Keybind Lib module is behind your canvas issue.

This is presuming you run v9 of Foundry.

I am going to presume that Keybind Lib is integral to the function of v9? If so and, yes, I’m running v9, then there’s not much I can do about it, right?

It’s okay, though, as I just loaded up on my GM account and it took a bit longer than normal, about thirty seconds, but it DID load up. I can put up with 30 seconds, hehe… the not loading thing, not so much. :smiley:

Thank you. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it does the same thing, again.

Been able to set your own custom key is core in v9, do Keylib luckily isn’t.

It’s a module that cause v9. Foundry Canvas not to load.

Yeah, I never heard of it before you mentioned it, here.