Cannot launch world data quota exceeded

So I have been enjoying learning how to use The forge foundry VTT until a few minutes ago. I have been setting up my 5e Curse of Strahd world and was problem free. I started the JB2A module (animated assets) download after joining their patreon and discovered to my horror that I had overshot my world data quota by 302% and of course now my world won’t launch. I added data for $5.99 but I am not even close to what it will cost to get past the data quota to launch again. Is it even possible to get my game world going again?!
Thanks guys for the service but this one is a problem for newbies like me who unwittingly step into trouble with data caps.

-Thomas Shaw

does the data cap reset at some point? will I have to wait until it resets?

With the JB2A module, you can install it directly from the Bazaar. If you link your patreon account to the Forge, you can install it directly and it wont use up your data.

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thanks for the reply! I guess i wasn’t smart enough to do that the first time. With my data cap shot through, no way to reactivate my world?

Go to Configuration page and click the “select Data files to delete”, there’s possibly the left over zip file from the package under the “Others” tab.

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Thanks kakaroto that may have done the trick! Thank you!