Cannot find module settings under configure settings?

I previosuly used foundry locally but then made the switch to forge and uploaded a copy of the foundry datat onto the cloud so a co-gm could acess it when i am not away (and because connectivity through local was a bit spotty during play).

I have been trying to give them an API key but the location the guidance says to enter it does not appear to exist on my games. the guidance on forge states to click into configure settings then select module settings from the top 3 options. My games do not have these options and just has filters for all, core and everytthing else. From what i can tell the settings screen on my games are still the foundry settings in appearance and not the forge examples i have seen.

I have installed forge module just in case it did not pull through and activated thius and it does not affect the layout of the configure settings screen.

Any advice is welcome and appreciated as really want to give co gm access to the assets so they can work on the game when i am offline.

Hi @sourk and welcome!

The settings UI did change in Foundry v10 (thanks for noticing, we should update our documentation!). In the configure settings, you should see “The Forge” listed, so just click on it directly to get access to it.

Do note that the API key setting is a local browser setting, so your co-gm is the one who should set it on their side. As the game owner, you should keep that empty in order to access your own assets library (and setting it wouldn’t affect your co-GM anyway).
I hope that helps!