Can we point our own DNS records to a Forge server?

My players are used to browsing to our game’s domain name, which has a DNS record to point to my GCP server.

I’m very interested in moving to The Forge, just wondering if we can migrate our DNS entry to point to the Forge-hosted instance. I’m guessing there’s no static IP, so it won’t be possible, but maybe I could use a CNAME instead of an A rec to redirect them?

That wouldn’t work unfortunately for security reasons, as your players would receive the Forge’s SSL certificate, not your own and I can’t create a certificate with your domain without having access to your DNS (and even if I could, I don’t think I want to be handling user’s SSL certificates at this time).
Also, all of the user’s games are pointing to the same A record anyway (a wildcard CNAME), and the way to know game A vs game B is by checking the hostname, so if you did that, the Forge would actually not recognize the hostname and would not know for which game it’s supposed to be… and will actually redirect you to a google search for “Are you lost?” :slight_smile:

What you can do however is have a webhop, where your domain would redirect your players to your custom Forge URL, so they could still access it from your domain name, but once they do, it would show a different domain in the address bar.
Hope that helps.

One could set up a custom domain that redirects to the Forge URL.

Yep, that was my suggestion, to do a redirect. Another solution would be a reverse proxy but that’s a tad more complicated.