Built-in forge mod interfering with character sheet renderign/opening

After extensive trial and error, as well as research/reaching out to the module developers.

I have found out that forge’s built in module might be messing with character sheets like sky’s alt 5e, tidy5e sheet or even the default sheet with no modules installed.

Causing them not to open once already opened once and closed out. On some cases, only new character sheets are affected by this.

I have heavily tested this on self hosted worlds and other hosting providers and was not able to replicate the issue, so I have come to the conclucion that it might be forge’s built in module.

Steps i used to replicate with any character sheet modules (clean foundry except for char sheet module):

  • open a character sheet
  • close sheet
  • wont be able to open that sheet again until a page refresh

Steps i used to replicate without any modules (clean foundry):

  • open character sheet
  • close it
  • make a new character actor sheet
  • open that
  • close that
  • now the new sheet isn’t able to be opened at all.

No console errors to show, as the character sheets simply just wont open again.

Please note: This issue is not replicatable 100% of the time, there are times where I do the exact same thing and it works sometimes, and sometimes doesn’t.

Will try to post a video replicating the issue, if my internet permits it.

I would very much doubt that the Forge module is affecting sheets opening as it doesn’t touch sheets in any way (It only affects the File browser to give access to the assets library). I’d say the first thing you’d need to verify is if your d&d system is up to date on The Forge. I believe what you described happened on the dnd5e 0.97 release a while back, but was fixed since then. Confirm that your systems are the same on local and cloud servers.
I’d be interested to see if I can replicate it so I can investigate if you’re able to point at the Forge module being somehow responsible.

It seems my claim earlier was false, I think it is my world that is doing bugged out, it is on the latest DND5e system version too, no errors on consoles. I tested a new world to see if the bug would persist, and it didn’t. Copied my world to my local hosting and another hosting provider to see if issue would persist, it did. So it’s likely something in my world, It’s likely another module but not forge.

I’ll close the issue, as I believe I have wrongly reported. Sorry!

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Interesting. I wonder what broke it. Does it happen on every character sheet, even if you create a new one ? I’d be curious to see what’s causing it. My assumption would be that some module caused the break, and it persists even after the module is disabled, but that sounds like it’d be a bug in Foundry that needs to be better handled.

All of the character sheets seem to not open, would it be possible to send you the world and so you can test it yourself as I am not as well versed in stuff like this as you

Yeah. I can access the server directly, so if you give me the authorization and the name of the world, I’ll access it directly without you having to send anything. So just let me know if I can :+1:

For sure! It’s the “Vaelyhn: Shattered Image” the folder directory is called vaelyhn2 i believe. It has quite a bit of modules but the issues persisted even with just tidy5e module enabled. Simply open a sheet press escape and try to open it again.

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I’ve been running into this issue a lot as well and I’m thinking it’s related to this bug:


It looks like the fix is as simple as changing line 5418 of foundry.js from:

if ( submit ) this.submit({preventClose: true});


if ( submit ) await this.submit({preventClose: true});

I’ve done some favorable rudimentary testing on my home installation, but if it only happens under heavy animation traffic, I’m not sure I would have triggered the bug properly. I’d love to put together some sort of hotfix module, but that’s way outside my skillset at the moment. This issue was really killing my game yesterday…

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Thanks @agaringer for that link, that sounds exactly like the issue described here, and thanks @morpening for the access, I gave it a try and didn’t have any issues on my side.
Another user reported the same problem and I couldn’t reproduce it from my side either, but they confirmed that the macro in the issue linked above worked for them, so it doesn’t have anything to do with the character sheet or the world itself, but just a bunch of circumstances, mostly related to your CPU and what other programs you’re running on your machine I would assume.