Bug: Loading failed for Asset

I am trying to migrate from a locally hosted foundry to the forge. I used the import wizard to bring in my data folder and most everything came across seamlessly. I am having issues with some assets though. In game the console is giving a warning of Loading failed for https://assets.forge-vtt.com/5f380198c9c1efe523005450/Bone-Brambles.jpg.

When I went to verify that the asset was loaded correctly into the Forge I saw the entry for it, but it had a broken image icon instead of the image preview. I deleted the asset and recreated it with the same name and the image had the same error. There are other assets in my library from the import that have the same issue.

Hello there!

There was indeed an issue with a few images here and there right when you were migrating, but if you look now, it should be working again.

We’ll be looking into what cause the temporary outage on a small subset of images, but at the moment it seems to have resolved itself.

Do let us know if you see any other images with issues though! :slight_smile:

Looks good now! Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile: