Bug: Items do not appear in actor inventories when I drag and drop them from the compendium

When I started using Forge, I had no problems dragging monster features, spells, or items from the compendium to the inventories of actors. Suddenly, during a game I was hosting last week, it just stopped working. I was trying to drag a spear into one of my player’s inventories, and it never appeared there. I have the same problems on all characters and all npcs.

I’m new to both Foundry VTT and The Forge, so I’m hoping this problem boils down to user error. Either way, it is extremely frustrating and inconvenient.

Hi @bejanjo,
I think the first step for you would be to update your systems and modules from the Foundry setup page.
I think that a dnd5e system update had fixed that issue that crept up with a recent Foundry upgrade.
I would assume that if it still doesn’t solve the problem, then a module you have enabled in your world is causing the bug, and I would suggest to first disable all modules, and see if that fixes it. It most probably will, so you can then start enabling them in small batches until you find which one was causing the problem for you.
I hope that helps, and let us know what fixed it for you.

Thank you for the quick reply.
The issue was exactly what you suspected. When I updated the system, it fixed the problem.

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