Bug: Confirmation Email has malformed link

Hi, the confirmation email reminder you send out (subject: [The Forge] Reminder to confirm your account) has a malformed link in it. The visually seen link has a domain of forums.forge-vtt.com, but the actual link (if one clicks on it instead of copying the visually seen text) has a domain of forums.forge-vtt…com (two dots before the com).

Thanks for the report. That sounds like a bad issue, but I just checked one such email that I received and I don’t see the problem. It might have been a recently introduced bug with one of the recent forum updates (though I’m surprised that it would add a dot in the middle of the URL itself).

I actually am not sending that reminder, the forums itself does, which is actually problematic because I have no way of knowing if someone confirmed their email through the forums, so the email address is still considered not verified by The Forge (main site) itself. It’s something I looked into fixing but haven’t found an easy solution for yet.