[Bug] After update to V11 i get so many bugs

I have compiled a list of bugreports from the console but are in no position to know when they are and how to fix them, My game is unplayable now.

Please break this down for me and tell me when to do.


Hey there @boktable

From what I can tell, some of the errors shown here are arising from modules. Please go to https://forge-vtt.com/bazaar and update your packages to the latest v11 versions, which should help fix some of them.

The syrinscape audio 404 means that that audio file is not available at that location. It might be a deleted asset.

The yellow warnings are deprecation warnings meaning that the Foundry API has changed, and it’s warning developers to switch their modules to the new API, since future versions of Foundry might not support those functions anymore. But they are accessible in this version and won’t cause errors.

I don’t know where the ControlManager file is coming from, but it looks like it belongs to a module which is causing at least some of your issues.

If the update to modules doesn’t work, that likely means some of your modules are not v11 compatible.
I’d recommend launching in Safe Configuration to disable all modules, and then re-enabling them piece by piece or in batches.

Hope that helps!
Let me know if you get stuck in troubleshooting.